Gidi is an entirely new way to find the perfect gift—for every occasion.

Think of Gidi like a knowledgeable personal shopper. You can tell Gidi a bit about who you’re shopping for, what some of their interests are and what the occasion is then Gidi will come up with great gift ideas. It’s fast, easy and works on your phone or computer.

What is a “giftbot”?

Good question. Gidi is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that uses natural language processing technology to have a conversation with you. Gidi is intelligent, though. It relies on data insights into what makes a great gift and a curated selection of the internet’s best gifts to find the perfect match for you. That’s why we call it a giftbot. In fact, it’s the world’s first giftbot!

What is Gidi good at?

Last minute gifts. When you don’t have time to shop around, but need the perfect gift.

Getting gifts right. Most gifts are re-gifted. Gidi matches a person’s age, interests and the occasion with the best gifts available online.

Discovering new gifts. The team at Gidi curates unique gifts from all over the web. A short conversation with Gidi will help you find unexpected and ideal options to choose from.

How do I chat with Gidi?

Gidi chats on Facebook Messenger. If you’re logged into Facebook, simply click the button above.

How do I buy the gifts?

If Gidi matches you with a gift you’d like to buy, click “View Product.” Take a look at the product on our website then click to buy directly from the merchant.